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Arizona Stud

a 5-card poker stud game

Approved in Washington

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Arizona Stud

Arizona Stud is a 5 card stud poker game played with one deck of

52 cards.

Before the game starts, each player must place an Ante Bet. Each

player receives 3 cards; the dealer is dealt 3 cards face down. 3

community cards are also dealt face down. The community cards

are subsequently used to complete the players’ and the dealer’s


After being dealt 3 cards, each player must choose one of the 3 

cards to discard. The player can then make a Raise Bet equal to 

4X, 3X or 2X the Ante or can check.



The dealer then exposes 2 of the 3 community cards and 1 of the 

dealer’s 3 cards. Following that, each player who has not already  

made a Raise Bet can make a Raise Bet equal to 1X the Ante or 


The dealer then exposes the 1 remaining community card and the 

dealer’s 2 remaining cards, and selects 2 of the dealer’s 3 cards to 

make the best 5 card poker hand for the dealer.

If the dealer’s hand is lower than Ace-King, all of the players’ Ante 

Bets are returned. If the dealer’s hand is at least Ace-King and the 

player’s hand beats the dealer’s, the payout on the player’s Ante Bet and Raise Bet is even money.

“2 Pair Plus Bonus” Side Bet

This is an optional side bet. If the Player’s final hand is 2-pairs or 

higher, this bet wins with odds, otherwise it loses.

“Player Bad Beat” Side Bet

This is an optional side bet. If the Player loses the hand with a pair 

of Jacks or better, this bet wins with odds, otherwise it loses.


Royal 89

is a Baccarat variant

When a player's initial score is a natural 8 or 9,

a FREE MONEY bonus is paid,

higher score wins, and

pair and trips pay high odds

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Royal 89

Royal 89

  •  scores like Baccarat
  •  wins bonuses for pairs and trips
  •  compares simple scores like War   


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Nov. 13, 2010

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