Lucky Fan Tan


Lucky Fan Tan uses 6 decks of cards, without Jokers. 


Before the game starts, players place one or more bets on the table. There are 2 basic bets: one on the Score Range, and one on the Fan Tan.  There are also 3 side bets.



The dealer draws 3 cards from the shoe, computes the Total Score, Score Range and Fan Tan, and places markers on the winning Score Range and Fan Tan on the layout.   Ace scores 1; Ten, Jack, Queen and King score 0; and 2 to 9 score the pip values.


Score Range 

  If the Total Score is between 1-9, the Score Range is “Low.”   If the Total Score is between 10-18, the Score Range is “Medium.”  If the Total Score is between 19-27, the Score Range is “High.”  If the Total Score is 0, the Score Range is “Zero.”

Low  (1-9)                        1 to 1

Medium (10-18)               1 to 1   

High  (19-27)                 12 to 1

Zero (0)                         30 to 1

Fan Tan

  Fan Tan is the number left over when the Total Score is divided by 3.  It is clearly printed on the layout for every score, so neither the dealer nor the players need to compute the Fan Tan.

Fan Tan Bet

Winning Fan Tan Bet               If the Total Score is                        Pays

         1                        1,4,7,10,13,16,19,22 or 25          2 to 1

         2                        2,5,8,11,14,17,20,23 or 26          2 to 1      

         0                       0,3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24 or 27        3 to 2


Pair Me Up!

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All non-busted, paired hands are higher than 21!

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Approved in the State of Mississippi

Approved in the State of Washington

Casino Owners and Operators, 

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The Game Pair Me Up! is a game similar to Blackjack that uses

a different ranking system.

In Pair Me Up! , higher pairs outrank lower pairs and all pairs      

outrank Blackjack and 21 point hands. The remaining point hands     

are ranked from 21 down to 5 by numerical value. As in traditional

Blackjack, hands exceeding 21 points are “busted”.

A Natural Pair (NP) is a pair formed by the initial two cards. A NP       

of Aces pays 6 to 1, Kings, Queens and Jacks pay 4 to1 and all      

other pairs pay 1 to 1. Natural Pairs win automatically and these   

paired hands end immediately. A Hit Pair (HP) is a pair formed by

hitting cards or doubling down on the two initial cards. A Player’s      

HP hand has to compete against the dealer’s hand to win.

If simplicity is your cup of tea (well, it's

everyone's cup of tea), here is another payout


Rules for Pair Up Blackjack

1) Player’s Natural Pair hand wins automatically, the hand ends      

right away. Players cannot split pairs except for non-paired 20s.

2) A Player’s Blackjack hand does not win automatically. Players

continue to play their Blackjacks as any other hands.

3) When a Player or the Dealer hits a pair, the hand must stop.

4) Player can double down on any first 2 cards that are not a      

Natural Pair.

5) Dealer wins a tied hand, e.g. Dealer’s Hit Pair 4’s wins over   

Player’s Hit Pair 4’s; Dealer’s Blackjack wins over a Player’s   


6) Two optional side bets, Pair and Tie Bonuses, pay paired                

or tied hands with high multiples.

7) All other Blackjack rules are applicable.

Table top

Pair Bonus Side Bet

This is an optional side bet. Any Natural Pair pays 4 to 1 and any      

Hit Pair 3 to 1. This bet is lost when the player’s hand busts or      

does not have any pair.

Tie Side Bet

This is an optional side bet. If a player’s hand ties to the dealer’s  

hand, this bet pays 10 to 1.